Podcasts and Audible.com - end of one era and beginning a new one

ATTN. Podcast listeners.

Sorry to report that due to contract requirements with Audible.com the free podcast versions of all of my novels are no longer available for circulation. If you were in the midst of listening to a podcast and did not download all of the episode of the free episodes right away please contact me via the contact form on this website for more information. You will not be abandoned.

Why did I make this change? Well, basically, I have a family to feed and Audible requires it for me to sell my work there. That being said, while tens of thousands of people have listened to my free podcast novels over the past six years only a tiny portion, a very tiny portion, of them have donated to the cause of free books. It took several months for me to come to the decision to drop the free podcast. Audible has recently changed their requirements such that in order to sell an audiobook via their site it cannot be available for free anywhere else, even if that free version is a different production as was my case. Its a simple matter making ends meet. My work has been on podiobooks for six years, and downloaded somewhere near two million times, yet I have barely made enough money to pay for the studio equipment it takes to make a quality recording and that does not take into account the countless hours (about 100 hours per book times 5 books) away from my family, that cannot be recovered.

It takes a year or more to make a decent full length novel even
for a full time writer, and while working a day job up to two or three months to narrate and produce an audiobook of that completed work. The availability of free novels is not something
to take for granted. I hope this doesn't shut people out, but hey, fact is free stuff is never really free, somebody's got to pay for it somewhere. That being said I weighed my options: keep giving it away and not
be able to create new work due to the pressures of my day job and
other narration work, or try to make a living at this and be able to
write a lot more books in the ensuing years.

I chose the latter.

Six years of free audiobooks is a long time, and its been a good ride. But its time for a new journey and hopefully many more books to come.

Don't forget what I said above, if you were in the middle of listening to one of my podcasts contact me on this website. I don't want to leave anyone hanging out there if you're part way through one of my books. You will not be abandoned, you will be able to finish the book you're listening to.

... unless you cuss me out, then you're on your own.

Semper Fidelis.

Who Dares, Wins.


Cover art done by Jerry Scullion of sculliondesign.com